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  • Sony 64.5鈥 (diag) W950B Ultimate LED HDTV
  • Sony 65鈥 class (64.5鈥 diag) 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Sony 64.5鈥 (diag) X850B 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Sony 64.5鈥 (diag) X900B 4K Ultra HD TV
  • Sony 65鈥 Class (diag) X950B Flagship 4K Ultra HD TV
  • SONY KD-65S9000B
  • SONY KD-65S9005B
  • SONY KD-65X9300C
  • SONY KD-65X9000C
  • SONY KDL-65W850C
  • SONY KD-65X8000C
  • SONY KD-65S8500C
  • SONY KD-65X8566D
  • SONY KD-65X9300D
  • SONY KD-65X8500D
  • Sony XBR-65X810C - 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz Android Smart LED TV
  • Sony XBR-65X850C - 65-Inch 3D 4K Ultra HD Smart Android LED HDTV
  • Sony BRAVIA XBR-65HX950 65" 3D LED HDTV 1080p
  • Sony KDL65W850A 65" LED HDTV
  • Sony BRAVIA XBR-65X900A 65" 120Hz 3D Smart LED 4K Ultra HDTV - XBR65X900A
  • Sony KDL65S990A 65" 3D 1080p LED HDTV
  • Sony BRAVIA XBR-65X850A 65" 3D 1080p LED-LCD TV - 16:9 - 4K UHDTV - ATSC